When you plan to start a hosting reseller business, you can consider reselling domains as well. Both the services can make your new company more attractive to customers, due to the fact that they will be able to obtain all that they need for their sites from one place. Thus, you can target many more people and the total number of your prospective customers will increase. Lots of website hosting reseller back-end solutions come with the option to connect to a registrar company using the API of the aforementioned, which means that the registration process will be automated. Having your individual domain reseller account provides you with additional control and it will allow you to offer more efficient and quicker support to your clients. What's more, the price that you will pay for a new domain name will be lower compared to what you?d have to pay being an end customer. A deposit is usually needed for a new domain reseller account.

Enom Domain Name Reseller Account in VPS Hosting

When you get one of our virtual private server packages and pick the cPanel Control Panel on the order page, you will have an advantage over your competitors, as we'll also supply you with a domain reseller account that will provide you with more control over your clients' domains and will allow you to offer them everything in just a single place. The account involved is made totally free with eNom, one of the most popular domain providers out there. Due to the fact that it will be under our own account, you will not have to make any kind of deposits and the prices at which you can register new website names will be the lowest they have, since we use their top-tier plan. An eNom account can be used with ease with any kind of billing platform, such as ClientExec, which we also provide free of cost with all of the VPS packages ordered with cPanel.

Enom Domain Name Reseller Account in Dedicated Web Hosting

We offer an absolutely free domain reseller account with all of our dedicated web hosting obtained with the cPanel hosting CP, so when you obtain a machine from us, we shall supply you with everything that you need to start a successful reseller business immediately. The account will be set up under our own account with eNom, one of the leaders on the domain registration market. It shall allow you to offer your clients all of the generic and country-code domain name extensions, so your services will be more popular with customers compared to what other sellers can provide. The main benefit of using the 100 % free account from us is that we're using their top package, so all the rates that you'll see for the various extensions are the most affordable. With a few clicks, you could add the eNom account to any billing solution, including the ClientExec reseller platform, that we also provide totally free.